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Freaky things i eat: sweet potato omelette

Tonight getting home after the gym i was ravenous; i knew it was time for my friend ‘protein’ to make an entrance!

The only appealing protein i had was eggs (well the other was smoked fish and since it’s cold out i wanted sthg warm!).

So opening my fridge i had the same dilemma most of us probably encounter at some point: what will i eat tonight! (with the eggs that is).

i found a sweet potato i had cooked in the microwave i knew i had to eat, so i beat the poor spud to a pulp (which was quite easy) together with the eggs, which made a lovely omelette. i topped it with fresh goats cheese and i have to say it was quite good!

ingredients for two:

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 sweet potato (cooked)
  • fresh goat’s cheese
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry powder, cayenne pepper, olive oil


  • beat the eggs lightly and add the mashed sweet potato (flesh only, no skin)-
  • mix until the potato is well incorporated into the eggs (that is your occasion to work off any frustrations :))
  • add spices to taste, mix and pour into a frying pan (in which you previously put olive oil)
  • Add crumbled goat’s cheese (or any cheese, but you know i can’t have any other)
  •  cook over LOW HEAT (which if you’ve read any of my posts about eggs before is the secret to good omelettes!), covered for about 15 min



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