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Indian delicacies at Jyoti’s!

Yesterday night was a super dinner cooked by my friend Jyoti.

She seemed a bit nervous to cook indian food since she doesn’t do it often but i thought it was really excellent!

Now i couldn’t possibly tell you the names of what we had as i’m not good with Indian dishes- except the lentil dahl, so mild and delicious!

we had

  • Rice
  • Lentil dahl
  • Chickpea ‘sthg’!!
  • Potato ‘sthg’!
  • Some nice sauces including a yogurt one and a coriander one, very yummy 🙂
  • Naan and the crackly cumin seed bread (!)

When the time for seconds came i was conflicted, i truly did not know what to have again! All three were so delicious 🙂

so cheers to a nice evening and TGIF!!


One comment on “Indian delicacies at Jyoti’s!

  1. Honoured to have made it into your blog 🙂 🙂 Here you go for this ‘sthg’s:
    Chickpea dish: Chole
    Potato dish: Aloo dum
    Coriander chutney
    yogurt: Raita
    Naan bread and papadums!!!!!


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