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‘Guest’ weekend

usually i’m more of a host since i love to have people over but for some reason this week end i found myself a guest at many occasions!

Of course there is still cooking involved since who would think of showing up to someone’s house empty handed! (gosh, i guess i do it sometimes hehe).

It started Friday with the wonderful tajine at Otmanes, for which i prepared apricot crumble and a chocolate tart (see recipe below)

Tarte au chocolat

Preparation : 10 min Cuisson : 25 minutes

Ingredients (pour 6/8 personnes ) :

  • Une pate sablee
  • 250 ml de creme liquide (19% MG)
  • 300 g de chocolat au lait
  • 100g de chocolat noir au caramel
Preparation :

  • Faire cuire la pate a blanc pendant 15 minutes a 200°C.
  • Pendant ce temps, faire bouillir la creme et y ajouter le chocolat coupe en morceaux hors du feu.
    Bien melanger pour faire fondre tout le chocolat.
  • Enfourner la tarte environ 10 minutes.
  • Mettre au frais au moins 3 heures.
Then on saturday i was invited to a Bday party where everyone brought a cake so i had so much cake i felt quite sick at night!!
I made my cheesecake again, which was another success!
There so many good choices, but i particularly fell in love with the Pecan pie with maple syrup…so decadent but oh-so good!!
If everyone who participated can put their recipe in a comment or email it to me i’ll gladly include it in the blog!
Then on sunday i went to brunch to a local irish pub which has a good reputation for food: i was not disappointed! It was hearty, cheap, and excellent quality 🙂
And if this was not enough food for the weekend, i then went to ‘gouter’ to my brother’s place and we had homemade biscuits and chocolate dipped marshmallows (a variant of the Marshmallows pops i posted about).
To finish the week end i was also invited to dinner at a friends house for a Japanese inspired dinner including pork potstickers and yakitori kebabs. I made pear and chocolate crumble for dessert. Everything was excellent!
Now back to work (and working out!) at the start of this new week!

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