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Matcha cake: the verdict

I gave a try to the matcha cake project i had last week and after a few scary moments it turned out really good!!

the process of making the cake is not very nice i have to say as the batter is really dense…at times I wondered if i missed an ingredient because of the lack of mixability!

i put raspberries in between two layers of batter (it is that thick i wasn’t worried about them sinking!!).

I just gave it a taste and it’s really good! The only part i don’t like is that it leaves a tea-ish taste in your mouth…

Esthetically it’s quite pleasing too! I can imagine small cupcakes would be really cute with this batter.

So if you want to give it a try go ahead and don’t fret if you feel like you’re mixing mortar instead of cake batter, it does rise in the oven!!

have a nice end of the weekend everyone, for me as you’ll have guessed…tea and matcha cake!!



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