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Eggstatic about my white truffle oil omelette!

So the other week end while i was sick i ordered some goodies online (well what can i say i’m truly a shopaholic!) from a gourmet olive oil store and my basket included a small but powerful package: some white truffle infused olive oil.

Now it’s real expensive for that little but it goes a long way as it is VERY strong. (and very delicious!).

I first discovered the taste of white truffle in this dish:

This is a plate of simple tortelloni (yes this is the correct spelling! those are bigger than tortellini and filled with ricotta) with a tomato sauce.

It was in a small restaurant in bologna, Italy. It was simply one of the nicest food revelations i ever had in my life…there was this taste, that was quite difficult to define, but so delicious! My italian friend tasted it and declared it contained white truffle.

Then i was in love. To try and describe the taste would be futile but the best i can do is to say it’s a cross between a roasted garlic and mushrooms.

So anyway since i got this baby:

I absolutely wanted to try it into sthg that would not mask its flavor.

I’m thinking a mushroom risotto would have been pretty heavenly but since i don’t have the ingredients i opted for a simple omelette! Just a few drops of the olive oil and i’m transported to Italy again (well, it was a short trip since -being hungry after the gym- i wolfed it down in about 2 min!!)

Here is the ‘recipe’

  • 2 whole eggs (one of the few things i do buy organic)
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • salt, pepper, dried parsley and the famous oil!!

Directions: put on medium low heat covered until cooked. Enjoy 🙂

Well the color below seems quite yellow because i instagramed the pic but this is a quite pale omelette due to the milk 🙂

Have a nice week everyone. It’ll be sunny and 20C here, love it!!


One comment on “Eggstatic about my white truffle oil omelette!

  1. I love your blog!!

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