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Europain trade show: A show all about bread! (and pastry and chocolate)

One thing is for sure, you do not go hungry on that kind of events!!!

I went to the European bread show last week, which basically regroups bread, chocolate and pastry makers and more and more ‘snack’ makers too since the business is moving towards that trend (i’m pretty sure you can find a sandwich at any bakery these days)

It was pretty fantastic: for one this is really the industry in which i operate so it was nice to think all these people in the room do the same thing I do (well i don’t bake for a living but you know what i mean!).

Plus, as there are also big ovens and all sorts of equipments that they want to show off, it smelled heavenly: like bread baking in a stone oven 🙂

And lastly of course, the fact you can eat all day really made me wish we all had a bonus day every once in a while to eat WHATEVER we please…delicious cakes, breads, ice cream lollipops, specialty coffees, and champagne is available at all stands 🙂

There was also a competition of bread and pastry makers but what i loved was the chocolate trees made by a famous chocolate supplier.

Obviously an exhausting day but quite fun indeed!


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