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Bean burgers w/ homemade buns and rice pudding: the verdict

So yesterday was a really nice time!

the recipes turned out quite good, thanks to my co-chef Adeline who came to help me to cook it all 🙂

First the homemade whole grains buns were excellent- i have a bread machine but i do believe they’d have turned out good regardless. I brushed them with milk and put sesame seeds on them before cooking for added *beauty*.

I should add the precision that while i used whole grain flour I also added a, egg, butter and a bit of sugar to make them ‘buns’ (and therefore not hard to bite into). While they might look very crusty they’re actually very soft 🙂


The burgers were quite good too; we mixed beef and veal, onions, parsley, spices with a little breadcrumbs and an egg to keep the moisture in, i did not taste them but reckon they were pretty nice tasting:)

The bean ones were really good! The recipe calls for a little salsa to the recipe which really gives a quick to the whole thing! The only thing is i did the burgers way too big, i should have made them half the size and much flatter (they were a challenge to eat!). The taste was impeccable though.

Below you find pics of the meat version (left in both cases) and bean version (right in both cases), while they are cooking and right before they are eaten!



The only slight disappointment was the rice pudding which was way too compact despite the near liter of almond milk we put in. i bypassed the indication t put yogurt and i shouldn’t have. Now i have enough rice pudding to feed an army!

We had a lot of fun eating, talking and watching a movie and that’s the most important!

have a good week everyone x


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