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Chocolate tarts: the verdict (+ magret and its foie gras sauce)


So those were a bit of a disappointment. first the recipe is not so great, and second, those are good, but not GREAT.

For the recipe, the dough calls for A LOT of butter, way too much in my opinion. Then it also calls for butter in the filling, which i omitted because my arteries ordered me to (and as far as i know all it takes is cream and chocolate to make a nice filling anyway).

The result is overly chocolatey and a bit heavy. It does need the fruit to cut the cacao-ness.

I’m not a chocolate addict in the first place (I’m more for fruit tarts) so maybe that’s why i did not love those.

But fair is fair and i promised i would let you know how they were!

Here is the pic, they don’t look that bad…(don’t get me wrong i’ll still eat them!!)

The other thing is the title is magret and its foie gras sauce. probably one of my favorite dishes now! i had it yesterday again. i have it every time i go there, and when i try sthg else, i miss it. it’s just wonderful (sorry to all my veg friend out there!)

‘Courage’ for the week ahead everyone!





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