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Carrot cake- The making of

I tried the carrot cake recipe this afternoon.

I was initially quite intimidated since the recipe is pretty looong and no pressure, two of my friends already mastered it (!) but i found it a very pleasant experience, as the elements of the cake are so luscious individually.

I did it over several hours to really respect the steps (the longest and most annoying one= let the cake completely cool down before frosting).

Here are the few things i learnt (pending taste test tonight of course!)

  • I couldn’t find philly cheese at my local supermarket so i got ‘Kiri’- a bit of a pain to unwrap but equally good
  • I bought pre-grated carrots at the supermarket (you can find them next to the bagged lettuce)- couldn’t be bothered to grate 1000 carrots! It worked perfectly fine
  • Baking soda is ‘bicarbonate de soude’ in french, and can be found in the pharmacy aisle (!)
  • DO take the butter and cream cheese off the fridge as soon as you start the recipe, even before if you can
  • Made a mistake and took a small bowl for the egg mixture- take a big bowl! In fact, take the biggest bowl you have 🙂
  • I reduced the cinnamon to 1 tsp since french taste buds are not so used to it :p
  • I did NOT bother sifting the icing sugar 🙂 – well what can i say i’m lazy!
  • Since the frosting did not seem quite lemony enough with the zest of one lemon, i squeezed the juice of the zested lemon on each half of the cake (i figured if anything it’ll make it moister!)
  • To frost, i used a tip i had never used before to not mess up the plate i was doing it onto: i cut 4 rectangular shaped pieces of parchment paper and put them under the cake. when i finished i pulled them out and tada! the paper below is pristine 🙂

Let’s see what the verdict is tonight 🙂


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