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Girls night in

On Thursday i took a night off from the gym and had my friends come over for an unplanned dinner!

It was really nice and indulgent and we chatted the night away.

I had next to nothing in my fridge and so requested the help of my friends’ fridges and of my store of course!

We had a eggplant pepper quiche (i’m finding that eggplant pepper pasta sauce is very versatile! can use it on pizza, in pasta, in quiches, tartes fines…love it!) and a quick salad. And for dessert we indulged with strawberry and fruit tart and chocolate tart as well 🙂


20120121-102653.jpg    20120121-102703.jpg

Now it’s the well earned weekend, and i m going to attempt that fromage blanc pie i posted about before, so cross fingers!

enjoy ur weekend everyone 🙂


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