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Make-ahead dishes that get me through the week

I know i have a busy week ahead with family visits and the official store opening i’m organizing (our company President is coming, no pressure!) , well and just life in general!

I am lucky enough to eat my lunches at home, and usually rely on salads in the summer (less than 5 min prep 🙂 ) and soups in the winter. I make one big pot on sunday and it gets me through the week (the only constraint is that for it too keep that long, no meat allowed!).

I love my regular veggie soup (potatoes/ carrots/ leeks/ turnips+  pumpkin when i feel fancy) but i also like to change it up with other soups like a nice lentil soup like below. For this one i went all out and used 3 kinds of lentils (green, coral and brown) but the recipe is the same with just one kind.

Here is the ‘recipe’

Lentil soup ingredients (makes about 100 servings! Just kidding… about 8):

  • About 3.5 cups uncooked dry lentils of any kind (i know lentils, what a surprise in a lentil soup!)
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 big onion
  • dried thyme/rosemary/salt and pepper/ Olive oil

How to:

  1. cut the onion and the peeled carrots into small dices (1cm or so) and cook them on high in the (big) soup pot with a nice dash of olive oil until soft (about 5 minutes)
  2. add lots of water (or stock-not sure how much, fill the pot 3/4!) and the rinsed lentils (lentils are famous to have little stones in so rinsing is a must), salt and pepper, the thyme and rosemary
  3. let the whole thing boil and lower the heat to  medium low; cook uncovered for 25 min, stirring once in a while

in the end the soup should be quite thick, but if you like it thinner feel free to add water (just check the seasoning).

yes it is that easy! And so good

I also had swiss chard my mum gave me last week and i needed to use it before it got bad so i did a cheese free gratin (can’t have cheese except goat’s cheese). It’s so easy to make and delicious.

Swiss chard gratin ing (for 2 as a main or 4 as a side):

  • 6 or 7 swiss chard whites (i discarded the green which did not look so fresh any more hehe)
  • twice the recipe of the quick bechamel (1/2 a litre in total)

How to;

  1. Wash and cut the swiss chard whites into 3cm wide stripes
  2. put them in a baking dish and cover in the bechamel sauce*
  3. cook on medium high (again no temps on my oven make it difficult to be precise) for about 35 minutes (so that the chard can cook in the bechamel)

To finish the week end on a high note i had tea time at home with some dear friends of mine and we had the cake 🙂 and tea of course. And we watched a Woody allen movie 🙂

I also bought pumpkin and ricotta at the store so i’m going to make a pumpkin souffle! But i ran out of time to do it today…so maybe later!

Have a great week everyone!

* for my dear english speaking friends the recipe is EXTREMELY simple: Make 20g of butter melt in the microwave for 1 min, add 2 tbsp flour then whisk 1/4l boiled milk and put back in the microwave for 1 min. season to taste with salt & pepper, and fresh grated nutmeg (not a lot!). The most annoying thing is to boil the milk as i always burn the bottom of the pan!


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