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Lemon cherry pie

Happy week end everyone!

As i am slowly easing into my sunday brain (takes a whole day to get there!) i did my grocery shopping for the week and felt like experimenting with ready-made preps at the baking aisle.

I was a little disappointed since i was looking for ‘financier’ paste (almond and butter….mhh) and there wasn’t any but i picked up a ready made lemon cake batter thinking i could keep it as back up in case of cake emergencies.

Well it seems like the lemon cake had other plans for me. The packaging pierced on the way home and besides messing up a few of my grocery items with a gooey (yet fragrant!) mix, i knew i had to use it right away before it goes bad.

So i experimented…and did a short-crust pastry / lemon cake batter /sour cherries cake-pie hybrid.

well turns out it’s pretty good!! (even very good, i couldn’t resist and ate a whole slice!).

Next time though i’ll mix the cherries with the batter as this time i put them on the top and…that’s where they stayed! (lemon batter is really thick!), so they burnt a little.

Now the big question is: who’s going to help me finish!!





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