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Omelette soufflee

Now i know today i’m going to have to eat lunch in a hurry (i mean wolf it down in 2 min flat).

So i thought what can i cook in advance that’ll be nutritious (as in i won’t go buy a briochette downstairs at 4pm!) and quick to eat? An omelette of course!

I’m pretty bad at eggs in general because i don’t respect the cardinal rule which is: cook it over low fire!! So this time i took my time and did it while i was having breakfast.

the ‘recipe’

– 4 eggs

– dash of milk

– salt, pepper, parsley, garlic (all dried…i’m no Nigella)

– 2 portions of Kiris (cream cheese)

Pour the egg mixture in a oiled pan and cover (important if you want it ‘soufflee’ which is puffed) , put over medium low heat and leave it alone for 15min!

I thought it looked quite good- verdict at lunch though!


ps: i know it’s sinful but i love omelette with ketchup so you know that’s what i’ll have it with at lunch! And a slice of bread of course


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