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The first day of the year

Was placed under the sign of eating -again!!!

We had a leftover food party with Martha’s quiche and Annie’s chili (below…quiche not pictured as i arrived late- AGAIN- so missed it).

I like nice smells (who doesn’t) and these Joe Malone candles smell so nice! We enjoyed a stroll outside too, seen as the weather is mild at the moment.

And then a movie night at my place, and so i whipped up dishes with what i had in the cupboards- probably my favorite challenge in cooking 🙂

We had pizzas: a vegetarian one made with tomate sauce, eggplant caviar leftover, spinach and goats cheese and then a meaty one with tomato, lardons and goats cheese.

We also made a quiche with some dough and girolles mushroom i had in the freezer for the mains.

For starters we made roll ups (yes, leftover ingredients from yesterday’s cooking!) with chive and fromage blanc inside and then a version with homemade mayonnaise with tuna and crab (that was really good!). We did cut up a few carrots for the veggies intake (lol).

Then for dessert we had our first galette of the year! Martha was the queen and elected Annie as her …other Queen (no questions asked!).

If this year goes on the same way as today, i’ll definitely need my gym subscription! Happy new year everyone!



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