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Hopes, wishes and invitations

Happy 2012!

For this new year starting we all have hopes and wishes, some of us even have resolutions!

Well forgive me to go inspirational on a food blog but to share a bit of wisdom from my yoga teacher back in Pittsburgh (Kendell…miss her every Sunday!), I would also like to “invite” nice [people/things/food/events/you name it] into my life for this year.

You know as opposed to “want” or “need” or “must do”… I like the gentler attitude! After all wouldn’t you feel more inclined to go somewhere is someone ‘invites’ you rather than ‘needs you to come’?

Speaking of which I got “invited” 😉 to a party last night which was a blast! Went to bed at 4.30am which is quite unusual for me, so thanks to James for hosting and all of these guys for making it fun.

We had TONS of food and will probably have leftovers for weeks and weeks. We did not even touch the delicious looking chili the girls made for us.

Highlight of the night (food wise) for me was Helena’s oh-so-delicious carrot cake. it looked great too

I brought food too (duh)

A nice flaky goat cheese and aubergine pie

Some easy to do roll ups (made with tortillas)


I also made foie gras in filo pastry (pan fried) which wasn t bad but completely smoked up poor James’ appartment!



In the meantime it’s so sunny and warm i might take my lounger out and take the sun on my balcony! it’ll do my old bones good (since i had the misfortune of running 20 min yesterday i am as sore as an old lady!)

till next post



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