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Oh my i have a food blog!

Ok this is it… First post, so much food to talk about i don’t know where to start!

Maybe a look back at the xmas rejouissances…and a early happy new year 2012 to everyone!


We spent xmas amidst champagne, black pudding/apple/scallops hors d’oeuvre, cookies, shrimps & oysters, chicken and shortbreads! (well ok and also with my brand new oh so cute nephew :-))

Then a few days after for my dad’s bday we made beets and avocado starters (well ok my mum did hehe), gratin dauphinois and roast beef and a homemade ‘Russe’ to finish! We learnt the recipe in a workshop we did earlier this year.

Since my mum also took the ‘macarons’ workshop we tried that too and they were pretty good! We made Apricots Ginger ones and Fig ones.

Ok i guess that’s enough for a first post…


One comment on “Oh my i have a food blog!

  1. yay! welcome sur la blogospèhre véro!! longue vie a ton blog!

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